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Broadsheet / Tabloid Page Folder

The WEBKING presses are equipped with a standard single former heavy duty 2:1:1 jaw type folder. One tabloid slitter is located on the roller, top of the former. It is also equipped with an electronic copy counter, a 50-copy kicker and a standard motor driven delivery table. The mechanical clutch disengages the folder from the main drive shaft thus allowing the units to run with the webs led through the press and the folder remaining at a stand still. This feature is particularly useful during make ready time and also the printing unit to be run in reverse direction to facilitate plate removing.  The folding mechanism consists of one cutting cylinder, one double dia folding drum, one jaw cylinder, one pair of driven folding rollers and one fan delivery.

 Other folding options available are: (1) High speed reciprocating and rotating chopper type Quarter Page Folder with Creaser and Parallel Perforator (2) Double Parallel Folding System with Cross Perforator. 

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