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Quadracolour (4 colour satellite) Printing Unit.

The WEBKING QUADRACOLOUR satellite printing unit has been proven by the industry as the finest for high quality, low wastage, four colour printing consistently page after page. It’s flexibility and versatility is unlimited. It is ideal for the production of a variety of jobs ranging from 4 colour newspapers and posters to magazines etc with super speed and minimum wastage. Designed on the principle of “Common Impression Cylinder” (CIC), it is fast and easy, has simple plate lock-up and has facilities for on-the-run pin register adjustments. The precisely ground and hardened bearers provide constant reference surface for perfect accuracy of cylinder impression. A pin register system is built into the plate bender and is carried through into the pin register system built into the plate lock-up. The pin register assures that when installed, the plate is in proper position. In addition, all plate cylinders are equipped with running lateral and circumferential adjustment for perfect colour registration.  The pneumatic controls ensure ease and speed of operations and the accurate plate punching and bending systems ensure utmost accuracy in pre-press operations.

Standard Features

Maximum Speed  35000 c.p.h.
Cut-off size: 508, 533, 546, 560 & 578 mm.  
Bearer to bearer plate and blanket cylinders.
Common impression cylinder.
Helical cylinder gears.
Hardened and ground gears.
Motorised inking with tracking of ink motors with main motor.
Motorised spiral brush dampening system.
Shields for brush dampening system.
Pneumatic controls for ink, dampner and impression on/off.
Plate cylinder with pin register.
Circumferential and lateral movement of plate cylinders.
Centralised lubrication.
Plate Punch.
Plate bender with pin register.


Stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders.


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