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Perfecting Printing Unit
 A robustly constructed unit using solid side frames of 50mm thickness of graded casting that ensures long residue life of the machine. Reliable enough to understand deadlines to the tee. The horizontal main drive at blanket cylinder level is mounted on anti-friction bearings. The high line position provides a direct drive to the printing units. The power is transmitted through helical gears throughout the printing unit. The assembly is lubricated by a pressurized oil circulation system. Clutches are provided to individually silence either folder or printing units. The precisely ground and hardened bearers provide constant reference surface to perfect accuracy of cylinder impression. Plate and blanket cylinders are statically and dynamically balanced to ensure trouble free running of the machine at highest speed. The unit is available either with manual or with pneumatic controls and is equipped with a host of other advanced features.

Standard Features
Maximum Speed  35000 c.p.h.
Cut-off size: 508, 533, 546, 560 & 578 mm.
Bearer to bearer plate and blanket cylinders.
Helical cylinder gears.
Hardened and ground gears.
Motorised inking with tracking of ink motors with main motor.
Motorised spiral brush dampening system.
Shields for brush dampening system.
Pneumatic controls for ink, dampner and impression on/off.
Plate cylinder with pin register.
Centralised lubrication.
core shaft.
Underneath roll stand.
Pneumatic reel loading.
Pneumatic disc brake.
Plate bender with pin register.


Mechanical/manual controls.
Mechanical expandable core shaft.
Manual reel loading.
Mechanical brake.
Stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders.
Web break detector.


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