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Cut-Size Sheeting Lines / Sheeters

Cut-Size sheeting lines for A4, A3, FS, etc. sized sheeting. Auto-cycle based production where you just set in the batch size and the machine does the rest. Batches of the specified no. of sheets are seperated and are ready to be packed.

Minium wastage ensures higher profitability than guillotine cut where all four sides of the big sheets have to be finished.

Register Sheeters for printed product where pre-printed reel is fed as a parent reel and the accuracy of cut is +/- 0.1 mm.

Features Specifications Options
Operates on user selectable batch size & speed Max. Workin Width 900 mm Punching Unit
Microprocessor based auto-cycle production Max. Parent Reel Dia. 1250 mm Tape Attachement Unit
Batching & conveying system Cut-off Range 210mm - 594 mm Deep Pile delivery 
Slitting by rotary top & bottom knives Accuracy of cut +/- 0.5 mm Digital Drive
Sheeting by dead & fly shear knives Max. Speed 12,000 cuts/ hr Extra Unwind Units (also for interleaving)
  Reel Lift Pneumatic Tab Inserter
  Drive 7.5 HP Non-Contact inkjet imaging 

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