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For Newspapers, Periodicals and Books
- WEBKING CX-35/35N  Series web offset presses
For Print Products
- FMR III PRESS  (Variable Circumference : 9" - 16")
- FMR IV PRESS  (Variable Circumference : 12" - 24")
For Exercise Books, Pads, etc.
- FSD - 100  (Max  Width  : 900mm , Variable Circumference)
For Stock Reels
- Slitter Rewinder (Center Drive)
- Drum Type Slitter Rewinder ( Surface Drive, For width greater than 66")
For Printed Reels / Narrow width reeled products
- Small Rolls Slitter Rewinder (Surface Drive, Maximum Diameter :  8")
- Inspection Rewinder
For Cut-Size Sheeted Products
- Precision sheeter (For A4, A3, FS, etc.)
- Register Sheeter (For Printed Products)
For Handling Scrap
- Scrap Baling Press
For Multi-Part Computer Forms
- Pack collator

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